Teacher's Interview vol.1: Kyle先生(クリスマス)編



さて本日のトピックは”Teacher’s Interview”! 毎回異なるテーマで、Zoom Zoom Englishの先生たちに質問をしていきます👥🎤

第1回目のテーマはもうすぐやってくるクリスマス🎅🎄 今回はカイル先生にお聞きしましたよ~^^

Q1. What is your favorite family Christmas tradition from your childhood? Do you still carry that tradition?


A1. I love food! So my favorite Christmas tradition was having a big breakfast with eggs, bacon, pancakes, fruit, and biscuits with gravy. Then in the evening we had a big dinner with ham, turkey, bread, vegetables, and 5 or 6 pies for dessert. It was a lot of food, but that meant we had leftovers for a couple days! Unfortunately, my wife and I are so busy taking care of Zoom Zoom English, that we don't have time to prepare all that food. I do cook an American breakfast on Christmas morning, and for dinner we have fried chicken and Christmas cake with the in-laws. It's American and Japanese traditions combined!

私は食べることが大好きです!なので、私の少年時代のお気に入りのクリスマスのお祝いは、卵やベーコン、パンケーキ、フルーツ、ビスケットをグレービーソースにつけて食べる、豪華な朝食でした。そして夜には、ハムやターキー、パン、野菜、デザートにパイを食べていました。食べ物がたくさんあるので、1日中パーティーを楽しめます!ありがたいことに、現在私と妻はZoom Zoom Englishのことで忙しいので、私たちはその全ての食べ物を準備する時間がありません。クリスマスの朝にアメリカならではの朝食を作り、夕食には親戚たちとフライドチキンやクリスマスケーキを食べることが私の理想です。いわばアメリカと日本の”文化の融合”です!

Q2. Did your family have any traditions that other families didn't do?


A2. It's not a very special tradition, but my grandmother's family was from Germany. Germans usually do most of their Christmas celebrations on December 24. Americans celebrate on December 25. To honor my grandmother's tradition, we were allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve, and then we opened all the other presents on Christmas morning.



Q3. Are there any family traditions that you have started or would like to start someday?


A3. Living in Japan, I know there are other foreigners who don't have families or someone to celebrate Christmas with. When you are away from your family, holidays can be a lonely time. I hope that someday my family and I can have a home large enough to invite several people to share Christmas dinner and presents with. We'll invite foreigners who are away from their family, Japanese friends, anyone!



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