Happy 1-year Anniversary, Zoom Zoom English!

Has it been one year already!? We are so glad, surprised, excited, and, most of all, thankful for making it through one year!

Just in the first year, we've helped our students to learn conversational English, to learn English that they need for communicating with foreigners at their workplaces, to use English for when they traveled abroad this year, to practice essential English skills before they moved to another country!

We've taught kids from less than 2 years old through 12 years old! We've helped build their reading, writing , listening, and speaking skills! We've also used English to practice math and even tried a few science experiments!

We've also enjoyed having special events with our students. We celebrated Christmas, Easter, the summer holiday, and Halloween with our kids. We've had time to enjoy chatting with a nice cup of coffee or cappuccino in our Coffee & English time. We've enjoyed teaching and playing many types of games at our Game Nights.

We are glad to continue growing every month. We are a bit surprised at how much we have been able to accomplish. We are excited about the wonderful ideas and opportunities that are on the horizon. And, most of all, we are thankful to all of our family, friends, and especially all of our students!!

Thank you!!

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Zoom Zoom English